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KELSEY MICHAEL is a singer songwriter whose songs capture places and moments in time. Her music is a hotline to nature and the landscape, bonding listeners through a re-kindling of their collective experiences. Kelsey's voice is dynamic, spanning a dramatically wide range to give colour and subtlety. Think catchy pop songs with classic R&B influenced grooves alongside spacious and beautiful song landscapes. This is a soundtrack which etches itself in the memory, continuing to play long after the gig is over.

Kelsey has been making her very individual music since the early nineties. As a performer in the international world of physical theatre in the 80's and 90's, she became known for her exhilarating vocals. In 1997 she launched experimental pop octet Minnow onto the London alternative music scene to critical acclaim, find reviews here.

She has worked with The The, High Llamas, and Jocelyn Pook, and in the jazz world with Liam Noble and Tom Bancroft.


Taking inspiration from Female singer songwriters, especially Carole King and Laura Nyro, Kelsey has committed herself to the art of songwriter's piano and crafts her songs with rich harmony.



Greg Dyer mixes world rhythms with hip hop and jazz drumming. He has played in Cornwall with Cuban salsa band KabasaRadio Rio and Cornish folk trio Tyn Daga

In his duo with cellist Kath Williams Greg uses sampling and beatmaking. The pair are regulars at Tropical Pressure and Great Estate festivals.



plays acoustic and fretless bass, past projects include: Darrel Higham, The Trophy Husbands, Space dog and Buddy Holly musical. Ben has recently been collaborating with Hillbilly folk outfit Cahooty.