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For singers of all ages!

Magical singing workshops exploring traditional folk songs from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland rich in natural imagery and stories of landscape and the turning year.

No previous singing experience required
No need to read music - songs are learnt by ear
No need to be a 'good singer', all voices welcome.

Experience how nature folk songs connect us to cliff, moorland, ocean, pasture and hedgerow, aswell as to the cycles of the moon and the sun. Enjoy group singing in a generous non-judgemental space expertly led to be inclusive and fun for all.
Our songs will lead us from Ireland to the furthest Scottish Isles through Northumberland and Wales to pastoral England, from Somerset through the West Country to Cornwall. 
Songs such as the Cornish Cuckoo song which celebrates the Cuckoo's yearly visit, conjure up wildlife, and bring participants' close encounters with creatures and birds into the room. Ancient Hebridean song 'Hunda Roda' finds us communing with seals, singing gallic vocables. 

FOLK SONG NATURE SONG   Traditional  1.5 - 2 hours 

FOLK SONG NATURE SONG   Traditional/Contemporary  1.5 - 2 hours 

Alongside a selection of the traditional nature songs described above, Kelsey will share from her growing repertoire of original nature, landscape and biodiversity songs, most of which have been written out in the field.
Some are the fruit of singing workshops or singing walks which have included brainstorming for songwriting.
Kestrels, Gulls and Choughs, Cornish mist and wild winds, Rocky bays, Blackthorn, Yarrow, spring wildflowers, butterflies, moths and bees all find their way into this luscious repertoire which brings nature alive in a room anywhere, or comes into its own sung in a yard, garden, field or out in the wilds.

FOLK SONG NATURE SONG   Contemporary  1.5 - 2 hours

Songs from Kelsey's repertoire of original nature, landscape and biodiversity songs as desribed in the workshop above.

FOLK SONG NATURE SONG   Repertoire and Songwriting  2 - 3 hours

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