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Penzance singer songwriter Kelsey Michael opened the bill in the first of a series of evenings at the lower Acorn theatre that bears the overall title of Fruit Tree.  Indeed this talented and refreshing artist, along with double bass player Alisdair Stirling is the organiser of a new and exciting venture that has the intent of offering space to local songwriters who also sing.


It is slightly invidious to choose any of the artists as the star turn on this evening but it is hard not to praise highly the beautiful songs and vocal harmonies that were delivered by May Robson and Eleanor Mumford. The potential for going off-key or crashing each other was strong, and they survived intact to deliver almost thirty minutes of high promise. Once I worked in the music biz, and if I did so now I would be waving a contract their way! They sing under the name of Miss Jones.

Mike Stocks provided some witty tuneful songs about some of the life's basics. He has a deceptive ease of presence as though he has just popped in  and further professionalism was very evident in a  set provided by Vince Prince and the Flynts.  I do not know if Kelsey has grabbed the local cream for the opening of her worthy venture, but it will not be easy to find such a rounded and inspiring evening as this,

I went a little fearing something ordinary. I was relieved at the end to have been part of a packed house that revelled in two highly enjoyable hours.



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