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Local events such as the summer and winter solstice celebrations Golowan and Montol Festivals in Penzance, Lafrowda festival in St Just, and ancient fair Morvah Pasty day are highlights of the year.

Kelsey and her band regularly perform at festivals and happenings in West Cornwall. You will also find her singing and dancing with sassy Appalaichian song and dance troupe Shindig Cloggers.

Through her work as a vocal coach Kelsey has given many the confidence to sing and to perform. She has offered group 'Listening room' sessions to prepare singers for performance in community venues, and curated sell-out seasons at Penzance's Acorn showcasing songwriters from across Cornwall.


Kelsey supports and mentors young singers who go on to become highly individual and confident musicians. A high ratio of these young people have made singing, songwriting and performing their career path.

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