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You'll find more information below about solo, duo, band and ensemble performances. We play in many different situations from house concerts to festivals. View our technical requirements here.


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Three or four piece band

Dynamic and mellow by turns, the trio has Kelsey on vocals keyboards and shruti box, Ben on the double bass and Greg on drums. The addition of a guest vocalist adds lush harmonies. Recent guests have included Angeline Morrison. 


Kelsey on Nord electric piano, (plus acoustic piano if available) and shruti box.  Ben Kypreos is on double bass and backing vocals. Piano songs solo and duo, bass and piano grooves, atmospheric song landscapes, harmonies. 

Kelsey and ben Penlle Park July 21 portrait 2.jpeg

Intimate solo performance

A varied set with special arrangements of the songs spotlighting Kelsey's vocals. She accompanies herself with piano (if available), plus Nord keyboard
and Shruti box. Magical shruti box landscapes with vocal improvisation.

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