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An indoor or outdoor group singing workshop for people of all ages. No singing experience needed.

Experience how nature folk songs connect us to cliff, moorland, ocean, and hedgerow, as well as to the cycles of the moon and sun. Enjoy group singing in a generous non-judgemental space which is inclusive and fun for all.

Sing and learn about traditional songs originating from Ireland to the furthest Scottish Isles and from Somerset through the West Country to Cornwall. Folk gems such as the Cornish Cuckoo song conjure up wildlife, bringing participants' close encounters with creatures and birds into the room. Ancient Hebridean 'Hunda Roda' sung in gallic vocables offers a language to sing to the seals. 

Alongside traditional tunes, Kelsey will share from her own growing repertoire of original landscape and biodiversity songs, most of which have been written out in the field. Kestrels, Gulls and Choughs, Cornish mist and wild winds, rocky bays, Blackthorn and butterflies all find their way into this luscious repertoire.

Get in touch with Kelsey for more information or to book a workshop.

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