Wild Singing Walks offer songs from Kelsey's rich and varied repertoire collected over the years, alongside original compositions created especially for outdoor singing. The experience of a wild singing walk will deepen and enhance connection with nature and lift the spirits. The elements, season, and the wildlife and flora/fauna encountered will all inspire song choices. Find out about Cornwall's unique musical culture through the experience of learning traditional and contemporary Cornish songs. 

Cape Cornwall Wild Singing Walk  - awaiting rescheduling

A walk which could find us sunning ourselves in Priests Cove, finding shelter in Kenidjack valley or ascending the Cape depending on the conditions on the day.

Botallack Wild Singing Walk  - awaiting rescheduling 

Discover the mining history of this dramatic location through Cornish songs both ancient and modern. Find out what it sounds like to sing in an arsenic tunnel.

All singing will be as a group. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience and there is the choice just to listen.  

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