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Review of  "Dusk to Dark" in The Cornishman by Fi Read published September 2011

Staged in one of Bosavern Community Farm’s fields, the freshly rolled hay bales, passing tractors and a chorus of grunting pigs in the background, all added to the experience. A quirky tale of love and camping, its unconventional blend of non-dialogue action, recorded narrative and live song, was a fresh take on presenting theatre. An intimate show in that only fifty people can be audience at any given time (owing to the restricted view) just six rows back it was frustrating to see the actors from the neck up when the action took place front-of-stage, but there was always the fabulous full moon overhead to look at instead. The newlywed characters honeymooning in a pop-up tent, bemoaning the lack of mobile signal and desperately trying to find wireless on their laptop, were instantly recognisable, while the go-it-alone, single mother campsite manager was a woman after my own heart.

Review of "Dusk to dark" by Deb Pepper of Bosavern Community Farm.


'If I were to sum up the whole evening in a paragraph I would say


 The evening was a totally new experience for the volunteers and friends 'involved' in the Dusk to Dark production at Bosavern Community Farm, being so intimate in numbers you really did feel a part of the scenery.

The performance was as enchanting as the landscape framing it and as transfixing to watch as the moon that rose above it. With clever use of the picture frame stage and a good observation of human behavior the story of love from 'different angles' was portrayed in a way that was not only highly amusing but easy to relate too. We all knew of or were these characters ourselves! The singing and lyrics provoked emotion and as the dark drew in and the curtains fell we were left with the warm feeling that everything was right with the world..... Love does prevail....... and if that’s not a positive introduction to community arts at the farm I don’t know what thank you we all had a great evening and please come again.

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